If you are in the mood for nature or discovery of historical places, there are plenty marvellous sights to choose from.

The rich and preserved past will unveil itself to you with the abbeys of Ambierle, La Benisson-Dieu, Charlieu, Paray le Monial, The castle of Lapalisse and Dree ,The historical villages of Le Crozet in 2 km , Pommiers en forez, Saint jean saint Maurice , Saint Haon le chatel.


Several minutes by car will lead you to fishing ponds, the forest of Lespinasse , to places where you can do horseriding or go along the Canal on a barge.
You can also visit abbeys or convents, see vineyards or the lake at Villerest.
Nearby, you can also enjoy a game of golf in Roanne or Vichy or go walks in the Bourbonnaise Moutain famous for its peat-bogs and its skiing. There is so much to do and to see.